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Thank you, Will Betsch, for taking me down my first art historical road in 1970. The training was fun, but the ability to see, to question, and to be filled everyday with the joy of art will be with me for a lifetime. Hats off to all faculty who made this possible -- Shirley Blum, Tom and Suzanne Pelzel, Richard Carrott, and Dericksen Brinkerhoff -- and to colleague Guy Bawman, who inspired me more than he will ever know.
-- Barbara Brink (Art History '73)

I'm glad I came from Vermont to visit my campus and see its wonderful growth. I teared up when I walk onto the campus, and I began remembering all those professors who shoped my life. Thanks
-- Diana (Gilliland) Lane ('72)

What fun to spend time with my favorite professor (Dr. Brinkerhoff) and to catch up on the many last years!
-- Lynne Store

Absolutely fabulous! I loved sitting in a darkened room with slides. Well organized, well thought out. Kudos! Let's do it again.
-- Kris From

A wonderful excursion down memory lane. So grateful my life passes through the Art/Art History department here at UCR. I know my education here spares my perspective on the world.
-- Melanie Strickland

What a wonderful evening! I'm very happy and proud to be part of such a fantastic group of people. I was a re-entry student several years ago, I felt I was lucky to have classes with such excellent faculty. Many thanks to Barbara, Phyllis and Katherine Warren (who is not here tonight) for keeping me active with this group.
-- Jackie Adkins

My time at UCR was very memorable. Professor Brinkerhoff put so much energy in his lectures. He took us on many fieldtrips. He and his wife gave wonderful dinner parties. Professor Brinkerhoff's enthusiasm for art has rubbed off. He suggested that I teach children art, which is what I'm doing now. I try to make art and art history exciting for kids. I remember the wonderful art classes with Professor Bradshaw. He encouraged my creativity. What a special time with wonderful memories. It is special seeing Professor Brinkerhoff, Professor Forster Hahn and Professor Bradshaw. Thank you for organizing the evening.
-- Becky Barton

Even though I wa a mere art history minor, I loved being invited to this delightful gathering. The art history department gave me a lifeloving gift for which I'm grateful. It taught me how to really see what I'd been looking at.
-- Jean Cartwright

Around 1986-87 I decided that Biomedicine is not where I needed to be. I know that rather than cut open people, I wanted to learn to draw...and then dress them. Thus, I probably became the first Indian sorority girl in Studio Art. What I found here, was a family. The enthusiasm and love was not found in other departments! It has later in life to my husband and I to renovate an old chateau in France. All that art history really has come in handy. It was really great to see the old faces...Professor Bradshaw, Brinkerhoff, Phyllis, etc.
-- Sukeshi O'Neal ('90)


From Dr. Shirley Blum-Resek, former art history professor:
I retired after thirty years of teaching and must tell you all that I never had happier days, better student/friends and colleagues than my 11 years with you.  Best to you all and the happiest of home comings. . . . from a country home in the Adirondacks.

P.S.  For those of you who remember Jason, he is now 34 and an independent producer in Hollywood.

From Elaine (Schuchard) Giovando, art history student, elainegio@earthlink.net :
I won't be able to make it but would love to contact old friends. I graduated from UC Berkeley in 1968. I lived with Greg for 9 months in Canada near Vancouver , dodging. And then lived in Germany from 1969 until 1973 to become a jeweler at a design school there. In the US I met a legal aid lawyer working out at Navajo and lived there for 9 months. We married and moved to Santa Fe , New Mexico , where I have been ever since. Divorced, I have 4 daughters, two blood and two step and am an LPC, director of a Domestic Violence Prevention Program in Santa Fe.

What are you up to?

From Alexandra Olin, Art ‘03
I will be unable to attend. I live in Washington DC now and work at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Please keep me on your mailing list for future events, and good luck with the reception!

From Robert Leonetti, Art History '89, leonetti4@juno.com
Hope that everyone has a great time at the reunion. Just thought I'd drop a note to anyone who remembers me.

I graduated from the Art History Department in 1989. After leaving UCR, I showed art furniture for about 5 years with Peter Shire in Los Angeles before deciding to become a designer full time. I went to Cranbrook to get my MFA in 3D Design. From there I began designing office furniture for Haworth (in Michigan ) and have been there up to now with my wife and daughter. I've also been teaching design and showing one-offs at ICFF. Recently one of my pieces was accepted into the permanent collection of the MoMA.

Good luck with the reunion.

From Paul Redaelli, Art ‘71
Per a phone call, Paul sends greetings from Santa Fe , New Mexico , where he is an artist. He remembers his UCR years fondly and, as a slide projectionist for many art/art history classes, he recalls many colleagues. He especially says hello to Dr. Brinkerhoff.

From Lynn Fritsche (Art History‘74), 465 Carleton Avenue , Claremont , CA 91711
Greetings to my masters (Dr. Brinkerhoff, this title definitely belongs to you) and colleagues:

Impossible to think it's closing on 30 years since I last sat in that upstairs Humanities study, pouring over large, dog eared photographs and memorizing their pertinent details, in preparation for the 1974 Art History senior class comprehensives...and I don't feel that old (though I do use a lot of Oil of Olay...). Anyway, I greatly regret not being able to join you all for the 2004 UCR Art and Art History Reunion. It sounds like una bella sera in the making!

I want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Brinkerhoff for his dedication, enthusiasm and many kindnesses to me during my academic pursuits at UCR. I credit the Doctors Brinkerhoff, Carrot, Blum and T. Pelzel for encouraging me to further develop my native gifts of observation, memorization and analysis. Manifesting those gifts into visual representation was further encouraged, again, by Dr. Brinkerhoff and by Ed Beardsley. Dr. Brinkerhoff set me on an intrinsically rewarding path of photography (I don't know if you remember this, Dr. Brinkerhoff, but I do...and a few years back, I was given a show in San Francisco; a personal dream-come-true). Ed Beardsley taught me to observe and draw, free-hand as well as with tools, positive and negative dimensions. Over the years, these skillsets have served me well in my vocations, avocations and travels.

Grazie, Danke, Xie-xie, Arigato, Salamat and Mahalo nui loa (Yep, Dr. Brinkerhoff, I still love the Hawaiian Islands and culture, these many years later -- and Honolulu has quite the burgeoning art scene! -- No ka oi)!

Best wishes for a very Happy New Year to you all.

From Audrey Hollett, Art History ‘87
Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the Art and Art History Alumni Reunion. I live in North Carolina and have just returned from a vacation to the Bay Area. Hopefully I can attend the next one!

From Glenda B. Lubiner, Studio Art '82, glenda.lubiner@browardschools.com.
Unfortunately my father is turning 80 the same weekend as the reunion and I must fly to Montreal , but I thought I'd at least send my best wishes to everyone there. I graduated in 1982 (it doesn't seem that long ago)and went on to get my Masters Degree in Art Therapy and then went back to school for an MFA in Fine Arts ( San Jose State -- didn't quite finish it -- moved to Florida) Since I've been in Florida I became an art teacher. I have been teaching elementary school for 8 years, Broward Community College (Art History) for 7 years and graphic design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for four years. Some of my biggest influences were my classes and professors at UCR (I loved it there), especially Bill Bradshaw (even though I was a printmaker and not a painter). But I still continue to paint, print and weave my way through the art world. I love being an art teacher...it's the best job anyone can have (my husband is a music teacher and he says his is the best job!). Attached you will find a photo from my senior show (at Inland Empire gallery from June 1982). Please send my best regards to Professor Bradshaw.

Have a great time at the reunion. I'm sorry I will not be there.