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Email us your photographs, art, or recollections of people and events. We prefer to receive digital image files (jpeg images at 72 dpi, no larger than 400 pixels by 400 pixels are best). We don't want to be responsible for original images or artwork, however.

Text submissions: Word 98 docs are fine, or files saved as plain text.

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Portrait of Richard Carrott
Richard Carrott
A party without our dear friend and colleague, Richard Carrott, is unthinkable. The wine will have no taste. The food will lack color. And, what passes for conversation will leave us impoverished beyond measure. So, friends, let's do our best to bring him along... in our hearts and minds. Did you or someone you know, at any time, think to make photographs at one of the garden partys? Did any of you visit him in France, and think to take photos? If so, send us a copy for these page.

email: beardsley@qnet.com

Richard in his office
In his office.
Richard's 50thRichard in France
The man had style.
Ed and Richard at the Buey's show
Richard and E.B. at the Joseph Bueys reception.
Richard Carrot at Chicago HouseI was an art history student from 1965-69 and have many memories of some great professors; Dr. Blum, Dr. Pelzel, Dr. Munman, and of course, Dr. Carrott (whom I also visited in France with a few other students).

I'm attaching a photo of Dr. Carrott attending one of our parties at the Chicago House.......

Best regards,
Terri Miller

Dinner Invitation

Invitation to attend a dinner for Eugene Ostroff, Curator, History of Photography, Smithsonian Institution. 1972. Courtesy of E.B.

Marcy Barber Timberman Remembers:

Greetings — I'm a 1967 alum of UCR, and although I didn't receive a degree in Art History I certainly took a huge number of classes there — enough for an undeclared minor.

I remember fondly many garden parties with Dr. Carrott and fund-raisers for the Venice flood — I was the cook for one of the parties.

I did go on to attend graduate school in the Art History program and the College of Creative Studies at UCSB and did receive a MFA in Painting from San Jose State.

My best to everyone at the reunion!!

Marcy Barber Timberman

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Dinner Menu, 4 Juillet 1966 Rochefort. Below: a page from a R.G.C. letter dated August 8, 1968, Paris. "Here is a sample, perhaps of communal interest because of the second page where he describes one of his visits to the Paris Student Revolution of 1968." Courtesy of Greg Dunn (Art History).


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